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stupid: The Creation of Wheefizzle?!

Written by nathan on July 11, 2005



Nathan shouted on AIM at 2:08AM on June 15, 2005. And that made history.

"wheefizzle??" Evan asked, "I think we have a new word!" Nathan laughed and that was it for the day. The next day, Nathan was shouting out his ghetto vocab, and Evan shouted out "wheefizzle?!"

Later that night, Evan greeted Nathan with "wheefizzle?!" Clearly, the word is ready for large-scale use. Nathan began using it with other people. It brought laughter and joy throughout the world.

But, one day, Evan decided to start using it out in public. We were at Kings Island, getting off the Racer, and Evan shouted "wheefizzle?!" I informed Evan that we should not use the word, in the likely event that it will spread, without the proof here that we created it. He quickly stopped using it in public for a while, and we now have the proof right here.

I, Nathan Bolender, and Evan Koch, collectively are the original creators of the word wheefizzle?. And now, for the definition:

whee-fizzle? |(h)weefizel|
used to express delight, excitement, or exhilaration : As the coaster approached the bottom of the first hill, Evan exclaimed "wheefizzle?!"

ORIGIN natural exclamation; fo shizzle; whee: first recorded in English on June 15, 2005 by Nathan Bolender and Evan Koch.