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stupid: The Code of Kooch According to Cheese

Written by evan on August 25, 2005


This is kinda short... my nickname at school is Kooch by the way!

1.) A man's computer is his and his alone... if any other man's hand lay on his computer may his hand be cut off with a rusty knife.

2.) If a man's computer crashes due to another man's downloading crap on it, that man will be condemned for life.

3.) If you destroy a man's computer you will be thrown into the river with 80 lb. weights on your feet...

4.) If your computer falls to the floor it is to be cast away and a new one purchased.

5.) If your computer and monitor don't complete the fung schwey of the room they are to be painted.

6.) If a man steals another's computer he shall be destroyed the same way.

7.) A computer may be upgraded if and only if it is pure and good.

8.) The God's only approve Macintosh OS X operating systems and a kickass Mac to run it on.

9.) A computer can's use too much bandwidth or it will be cut from the bandwidth and the user put to death.

10.) No computer (especially Macs) can mutilated in any way or the person who mutilated it will surely die at the hands of Steve Jobs.