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normal: Evacation 2005: The Beginning

Written by evan on September 5, 2005


It was a beautiful summer day... the birds chirping, the bees buzzing, and me scrambling to tuck my iPod away in my carry-on bag. Yes today was the day I was leaving for Cancun. We were packed up in the car and we set off on the great 5 minute adventure to the airport! We got to the airport and checked our bags with no hassle and met up with our aunt and uncle. Then we went down to security and my aunt, flying as much as she does, got us straight to the checkpoint and out in 15 min. because she was a platinum Delta member. So yea... We then sat around the terminal... ate some breakfast (I got this really good steak and egg sandwhich from somewhere)... then we got on the plane which was very empty so we all got 3 seats to ourselves! I met this really nice flight attendant who loved My Shirt.

We then were on the plane for about 2 1/2 hours and after watching the boring movie Sahara we found ourselves walking out into the scorching heat of the Mexican weather. We were then checked into Mexico by way of our Birth Certificates being checked. Then we went to get our bags. Soon after we walked to this one last security area which had these street lights... Red at the top and Green at the bottom. A lady had one of us push a, what looked like a crosswalk button, if it was green we got to pass without our bags being searched. But sadly for us my mom pushed it and it turned red. So we opened our bags and a mexican lady looked through them and let us go (but not after looking at my iPod very closely). We then proceeded outside where there were stands selling Coke Products (I did not see one Pepsi can, bottle, or ad) and beer. We saw the man who was going to take us to the hotel but a random group of mexicans tore the bags out of our hands as if they were stealing them and promptly took them to the van for us... So of course we had to tip them. We got to see the destruction the hurricane had caused since there were many downed billboards. A quick trip and we were at our hotel. There was a mixup on the rooms but we eventually go there and my little cousin Sadie helped us unpack...


And my mom and Sadie decided to sit on the jacoozie!

So did my little brother Skyler (left) and my Cousin Noah (not left)...

To Be Continued...