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(feature) Natcation 2005: The Hilton Sign

insane: Laser Tag & Biggs

Written by nathan on September 8, 2007


The night began with a delightful meal of super-good authentic mexican food at Montoya's. We were served by true Mexicans, many of which spoke perfect English with no accent! Maybe they weren't Mexican.

Later, we somehow ended up at Lazer Kraze Laser Tag, which is new in town, and bought three delightful games of laser tag. We sucked, except for Hank (as usual), who ranked first in the final game. Our score sheets are posted right here, too!

EvanNathanHank (Enigma)
Game 2
Game 3

I think Hank was a dirty little camper, but that's just me.

After seeing some wedding-goers pissing on an electric sign, we went to Biggs, and saw a lady being arrested. Then, we went inside after discovering it was open 24 hours. Since no one ever goes to Biggs, we hadn't been there in a long time, so we took a stroll around the store.

Meatwurst in the Orange Juice!Evan's Italian Sausage
Check out that cheese!He didn't know why I made him stand there.
Hank hated the rotten carrots.Evan is just totally clueless here.
Speak in deep voice.We even did some advertising!
It's a Miracle!Shoveling wars..
Brush your TEETH!Roast your nuts!
What Evan does in the toy section.Use the force!