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insane: Super BOWL: Week 2

Written by nathan on June 24, 2007


Just a week after our last visit at Super Bowl, we visited again. The group was the same.

There was the Evan (of course) and the Nathan:

Then there was the scary Taylor:

But, we cannot forget our other celebrity guest. You have seen him before, but that was when he was younger. He is an enigma. He is a professional bowler for the second worst team in the area. He is HANK:

The bowling started late. Evan approached a gas station before leaving his distant town of Taylor Mill. His lateness did not seem to be an issue until we were placed on lane sixteen. Or sixty. Whichever comes last.

Evan dropped some [bowling] balls, and we began to roll. Hank won consistantly, for his enigma status somehow grants him perfect bowling for life. Or perhaps, the lack of ball cleaning due to embarrassment of the previous Idle Geeks story was actually good for his skill. Either way, here are some exciting photographs.

After bowling normally for nearly an hour, we began breaking out the funky tunes. And we don't mean music! Actually, we just tried to get a strike from the gutter. It worked half of the way. We have captured Taylor's great recreation of this event from two excellent viewing angles. Watch these videos:

But then, an angry monkey forced taylor to bowl with two balls. It was spectacular.

However, that is where it all ends. We will surely visit the Super Bowl again, but definitely not today, for they are closed. All that is left is chronically drunk [dead] people, and trash. Stay classy, San Diego.