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insane: Super BOWL

Written by nathan on June 16, 2007


It was a summery Friday night, and the colors of the baboon were among us. You could tell this by looking at Evan's purpleish face.

He had an itching to go bowling, so he did. And so did Taylor. Taylor, however, was frightened to be there, and everyone there was frightened that he was there. It's cool, though, because he is a level 70 guildmaster.

There was also a man named Hank, but he is not to be named, for he is a man who was there and also had a bowling ball that he cleaned meticulously, as if from another region of the world. As far as you are concerned, Hank may or may not exist.

After 10 frames of seemingly horrible bowling (excluding the whimsical stylings of bowling superstar, the unmentionable enigma formerly known as Hank), Evan became aggravated. He felt that this story should come down with the site, so he made an obscene gesture to the camera. Luckily, our Photoshop masterminds have been able to eradicate the obscene gesture from the image, showing only the aggravated face of the constipated Evan Koch.

After stealing a lane from our former drunken neighbors, though, things really started to pick up. Evan bowled and bowled like he never did before. Nathan bowled as well, sucking at it even more than Evan. Here we see a series of shots from the EVANCAM, which is interestingly enough always placed behind his buttocks.

Unfortunately, a drunk man made a fool of himself and asked Evan to sing in his kickass band. It was great, really. There was talk of candy.

When the bowling alley finally closed, we all left.

And, Evan drag raced down my street, reaching 70 MPH in a hilly 25 MPH zone. Don't tell the fuzz.