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geeky: The Big Poster

Written by nathan on July 11, 2005


It all started with an eBay auction for a gigantic Apple poster. Here is the original description:

Gigantic, cool, classic Apple computer poster announcing the new Power Mac G4! Poster is a huge 70" x 27", glossy, full-color, featuring two views of the new Power Mac, along with "G4" emblazoned in giant characters across the middle of the poster and "Introducing Power Mac G4 with Velocity Engine." and "Think different." in more subtle black print along the bottom of the poster, with the Apple logo. A serious attention grabber!
I was given this poster by a friend who is an Apple sales rep/trainer. The poster is in excellent condition with no pin holes. It has been rolled up in a tube, never hung, with some slight wrinkles and slight pencil marks on the back of the poster, but no marks on the front, and nothing that would significantly take away from the display.

So, I wanted it. The price was low. Under $20 for 1,890 square inches of pure Apple awesomeness. So, I bought it.

It got here later that week in good condition, and it looked fantastic.

So, now to find a way to get it on the wall safely. This took a few months, but we finally decided to take it in to get professionally framed. We were given the option of glass, plexiglas, or lamination. We chose lamination because it looked good and it was very light (try to remember how friggin' huge this thing is).

About a week later, it was finished, and on my wall. It looks GREAT!

It looks awesome right next to my PowerBook G4 poster.