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geeky: Chilly PowerBook (an experiment)

Written by nathan on August 20, 2005


I was sitting outside in the blistering hot sun (Dashboard tells me that it is 94¬? F) and noticed that my batter life was going down very quickly, and that my PowerBook's fans were on at full speed. It was also very hard to hold my PowerBook, as if it were a hot potato.

I decided to close the lid and bring it inside. It was extremely hot, so I thought I would try something out.

This is Chilly PowerBook, an experiment.

I put it in the refrigerator.

I only left it there for a few minutes. It did not seem to have any effect, since the refrigerator was idle. Poop.

But, you can rest assured that Apple will prefer that you do not place your PowerBook in the refrigerator or freezer.