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geeky: Evan Drops By

Written by nathan on August 13, 2005


It was a dark and stormy night. Count Chocula was among us. But Santa Claus conquered him and later ate a hoagy. It is a story of a scary visit of someone and their Mac.

Okay, maybe it wasn't Count Chocula or Santa Claus, but it was Evan. That's close enough.

After Evan got his Mac set up, and he started hogging my (slow) bandwidth, I snapped a shot of him and he became infuriated.

I of course brought my PowerBook downstairs, and Evan found that interestingly hilarious.

We also dismantled the iMac for fun . . .

. . . and I spun styrofoam.

And later Evan put it on his head and looked interestingly homosexual, not that there's anything wrong with that. ;-)

We hung around for a while, Evan ate his hoagy, and we made this great Idle Geeks promotion.

But then I felt that it was about time for Evan to leave, because I was ultra tired (got up too early I guess).

Oh, I also caught a glimpse of some of Evan's Evacation 2005 photos, and there are some hilarious images! I'm afraid that you will not be seeing any of that on Idle Geeks. Darn.