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who ever decided that geeks were social outcasts was absolutely correct. we are social outcasts, here to screw with your mind, or entertain you. whichever comes first.


Cedar Point
  By evan
We are off on a new adventure to Cedar Point! We will be back Friday and will finally have new stories. Stay tuned, the redesign is coming soon...
Idle Geeks: code BLACK
  By nathan
Coming Summer 2008, Nathan and Evan are returning to the internet in style. We will reveal the single most defining moment in our lives, and we will have a brand new overhauled website full of new content and features. Prepare to be amazed.
Happy Thanksgiving from IdleGeeks!
  By evan
Happy Thanksgiving to you from your friends nathan and evan of I know me and nathan have found feasts to fill our stomachs on this wonderful day. As the signs on the highway around Kentucky say, "Don't be a Turkey, Buckle up."
Ahoy Mateys!
  By evan
Arrrr! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Get your pirate lingo on with your friends and neighbors (and all those other land lubbers). Also check out our newest story!
  By evan
Well ladies and gentleman it is finally here... June 29th, 2007... 6PM... the day known famously as iDay... the release of the oh so desirable iPhone... Neither Nathan nor I have the money to spend on such an elaborate phone though. Damn. I did get a Macbook though! More stories coming... Send in your ideas!
Baseball, Bowling, and More!
  By nathan
Everyone be sure to check out our new stories about baseball and bowling! We're really excited to be back, and we are going to find new stories to bring our readers. If you have any ideas, let us know by sending an email to, and we'll probably do it! Keep checking back for new stuff, and tell your friends to check us out!
I guess we are back... reloading Idle Geeks!
  By evan
hello... we are back... alive it would seem... so yes my life is good... read our new content... we will have more and who knows maybe i will even have a story to write FINALLY!
Idle Geeks Refreshment
  By nathan
We are adding new stories again, and we plan to add more in the future. Be prepared for more amazing comedy from Nathan and Evan!
Back Online!
  By nathan
Yeah, so.. the domain expired. And I forgot. The site was down for a couple days. It's all good now, though.
As the world turns... and turns... and turns... etc.
  By evan
Well life is pretty dull right now... life is life and school sucks ass... yup all is well in the world of idlegeeks... World of Warcraft is my new thing right now and if anyone is interested in playing i am on the Kargath realm under the name of Koochie... well just though i would add an update so no one thinks we are dead... i am not sure about nathan though... :/
Great New Stuff
  By nathan
We have some GREAT new stuff coming up soon. Just wait. JUST WAIT I TELL YOU!
New Host (Again)!
  By nathan
We've transitioned smoothly to a new host, ResellerZoom! Let the geekery continue!
Where are they?
  By nathan
Our traffic has gone down significantly in the past month, and it is because we have no fresh content! This is because I am busy and Evan is just plain lazy (actually, he has been working a lot I think..). Don't worry though, we'll get something up by new year's day!
We've gotten our act together
  By nathan
I just got done recoding the layout for the entire site - it now looks better and as it was meant to be! The code was so messy you would not believe (my code is usually very organized)! I think it was Evan's fault. Regardless, now it should look the same in any browser. I also added some accessibility code such as the new page-specific titles and the alternate text for most of the images. If you have any problems with the site, please let me know! As for content, we are both in school, and Evan is rather slow in the content-writing process.. We'll try to crank some new stuff out this month (We need to get back to King's Island!!).
New Host!
  By nathan
We have kickass new hosting, with no thanks to Evan (well, you could of guessed that)! We're being hosted now by Ch-pt-r Z-ro H-sting!

No more slowdown caused by my horrible internet connection! Wheefizzle?!
Arrr Ye Matey!
  By nathan
Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
IE sucks
  By nathan
You're using IE?! I cannot believe you. You have no respect for standards or general modernness. Regardless, this website does not render properly in IE, and I plan on fixing it up in the future. So, don't complain at me that the corner feature image isn't positioned correctly, or that the copyright notice isn't always at the bottom. It needs a recode, and I will do it when possible. For now, feel free to grab a brick and throw it at Bill Gates. We here at Idle Geeks assume no liability for any damage or killage that may occur to anyone named Bill Gates or similar. Use your supplied brick at your own risk.
We're back online!
  By nathan
Okay guys, after a few days of being down we are finally back up! Currently we are being hosted off of a G3 iMac running Apache and all that good stuff -- off of Nathan's very bad internet connection. You can expect full website operability, but slow downloads. In a few days we will be switching over to a real hosting provider, but this will work for now.
Search me!
  By nathan
You've been waiting for it - Idle Geeks search! You can search directly from the search bar on the left! You can send your thanks to me.
  By nathan
Both of us have begun the school year, and we are not very enthusiastic about that, so we won't tell you about it! Either way, we are getting educated - believe it or not. This may cut down our writing time, but I'm totally going to force Evan to do some evacation 2005 articles!
New Banners!
  By nathan
There are 4 new banners here at Idle Geeks! They are chosen at random. See if you can spot all 4 of them! (Plus the original, so that makes 5)
Idle Geeks IRC Room!
  By nathan
wheefizzle‚Ñ¢! Idle Geeks now has an IRC Chatroom! Here is the information required to get in it:
Channel: #idlegeeks
IRC Link: irc://
evacation 2005 preview
  By evan
Well... this picture speaks for itself... Evacation 2005 coverage... coming to an ready computer soon...
We are kickass
  By nathan
Hello everyone! It's August 8 and we're both back home! We'll get Natcation 2005 and Evacation 2005 coverage up soon!
Back in Business by the 8th
  By nathan
Okay guys, as I am sitting here mooching internet access, I'd like to inform you all that I will be back on or before Monday August 8, 2005, so the insane randomness can continue. I'll also have full Natcation 2005 coverage coming up as well. I'll keep you all posted!
Beached Geek
  By nathan
Just a small preview of the stuff I'll be bringing you when I get back. ;-)

We're on Vacation!
  By nathan
Hello everyone! Both Evan and I are vacationing in warm areas of the hemisphere! We will be back in a week or two with several new stories!
Idle Geeks Dashboard Widget!
  By nathan
I just finished creating the Idle Geeks dashboard widget! You can download it NOW by clicking here!
Idle Geeks Merchandise!
  By nathan
You can now purchase your favorite Idle Geeks merchandise at!
its me... evan!
  By evan
Well Well Well... i am finally posting on our FANTASTIC site! Me and nathan are gonna pump out the geekage and come up with some great ideas...
Idle Geeks Promo!
  By nathan
Idle Geeks has been featured on the Macs N Pods Podcast! Check it out here!
More is Coming
  By nathan
We have several articles in line for you guys! They are going to ROCK so much! Be sure to check back for the new stuff, it should be up within a week or two!
Official Launch!
  By nathan
Today I present all of you with a brand new place to spend your boredom. We will keep pumping out the content to save all of you from the mundane summer life. We're Idle. We're Geeks. We are here. Prepare to fizzle before us.
We're Up and Running!
  By nathan is up! Enjoy the awesome content!!!